Methods for setting up the Beeline TV application for smart TV

In recent years, Beeline has transformed from an ordinary telecom operator into a fairly popular and large provider, as well as a supplier of various equipment. Some time ago, a completely new electronic product was released - its own application, which is used for installation on modern TV models with Smart TV technology. The application was called “Beeline TV”.

In recent years, Beeline has transformed from an ordinary telecom operator into a fairly popular and large provider, as well as a supplier of various equipment.

With this application, users have the opportunity to view over 55 of the most popular channels, which are intended for both adults and children and teenagers. Most of the channels provided are broadcast in very good quality. You can use this application for modern TV models that are produced by companies such as Sony, Philips, Sharp, Samsung and at the same time support Smart TV technology. A special feature of the application is that it can also be used for Mi Box consoles.

Malfunctions and solutions

There are situations when it is not possible to connect Beeline to LG Smart TV the first time. The causes of failures may be the following:

  1. Problems with Internet connection, reduced speed. Try to measure real traffic. If the speed really drops, contact your provider and try to find out the reason.
  2. The money in your account has run out. If the user forgot to pay for the service, Beeline television on LG Smart TV will not work. After depositing funds, the option should be unlocked.
  3. Technical problems with the service itself. Malfunctions can occur everywhere, including Beeline television. A common cause is a firmware failure. Contact a company consultant.
  4. Problems with the TV. There may also be problems with the firmware or technical part. Read more here -


“Mobile TV” from Beeline is an absolutely useful service that allows you to watch your favorite TV shows while away from home. The main thing is that the mobile device has access to the Internet. However, users began to notice that, contrary to the assurances of the provider, the application consumes traffic even with an intranet connection. Perhaps this is the only drawback of this utility.




Each device has certain simple instructions. You need to download the program to your phone.

First, let's look at how to activate Android TV:

  1. Open the app store on your phone or tablet;
  2. Enter the name of the Android program in the search bar;
  3. Click the download icon;
  4. Open the installed program. Ready!

For Apple TV:

  1. Login to the AppStore;
  2. Click on the magnifying glass icon and type “Beeline TV” in the search line;
  3. Click on the “Download” button;
  4. Wait for installation and open the application.

You will find out what is the difference between the Beeline Mobile TV application in another article.


Connecting to LG Smart TV:

  1. Connect your device to the Internet;
  2. Open the menu by pressing the “Recents/Home” button;
  3. Go to LG Content Store and search for the name of the Beeline program;
  4. Install the software and you can start watching.

Samsung Smart:

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  1. Connect your TV to the Internet;
  2. Turn on the device and press the “Smart Hub” button on the remote control;
  3. Launch Samsung App, go to the search line;
  4. Enter the name of the application and click the "Install" button. That's all!

We figured out how the Beeline TV service works. Connecting on any device is impossible without registration - we’ll discuss how this is done.

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Smart Hub - what is it?

Samsung Smart Hub is a kind of platform that contains built-in programs for Smart TV and additional applications can be installed here. Almost any TV with this platform has a browser and a utility for downloading applications from the official store installed here.

The service first appeared in the D5500 line of TVs, which means it is built-in in all newer versions. Initially, the platform came only with the Samsung branded store. More advanced models with Samsung Smart Hub can accommodate many more applications.

Services and tariffs

Through the application in question, the user will in the near future be able to activate a basic package of channels to choose from. All information, including the cost of services, is presented in the table.

NameNumber of channelsConnection cost, rub./month

Through your personal account, in addition to the existing package, you can activate individual selections of channels from the list presented in the table.

NameNumber of channelsConnection cost, rub./month
VIP Viasat6150
Shant Premium HD1240
Amedia Premium HD2199
For adults6299

Rent/purchase of films produced by Russian and foreign studios is provided on paid terms, depending on the popularity and freshness of the content. The price starts from 99 rubles. It is also possible to subscribe to thematic video collections.

NameActivation cost, rub./month
CartoonFavorite cartoons, new releases and premieres (11)149
AMEDIATEKAPopular TV series from world studios (254)599
Movies ivi LightPopular cinema, film classics (7700)99
18Films for adults (91)199

How many TVs can you connect?

The provider's clients often ask if it is possible to connect 2 Beeline TV TVs for simultaneous viewing. It's easy to do. The company offers a Multiroom service that does not require a connection fee. In this case, you can connect two, three or even four devices. The downside is that each TV has its own set-top box.

If connected via Wi-Fi, you can connect up to five devices. This raises the question of how to connect a second TV to Beeline TV. To do this, you need to enter a number or mailbox, and then indicate the received PIN on the new device. In this way, you can connect several devices, and then configure the channels according to your own preferences.

If problems arise: hotline telephone number, television and Internet, why the set-top box does not work.

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Application functionality and customization

If the software is launched for the first time, the user will see the inscription: log in, read the terms of use. You can log in using your Home TV details. Beeline subscribers undergo the authorization procedure automatically.

If there is Wi-Fi, then you can log into the mobile phone application using your login and password. After completing all formalities, the user will see a sign on the display with the inscription: list of current applications.

If you go to the “Live Broadcast” section, the channel that worked last time will be activated. You can search for channels by touching the screen with your finger and selecting the desired program from the list provided.

All free channels can be found in the “TV Channels” section, including federal “Russia 1”, “ORT” and others. Also in this section the TV program program will be presented along with brief announcements. In the “Remote” directory you can connect to a new set-top box and configure it.

In the “Profile” directory, the subscriber can connect to multiple channels, as well as set up a menu for their prompt activation. It is recommended to take into account that the list of available channels may vary depending on the region.


It is necessary to activate the subscription, the version on Android must be at least 4.4.2, on smart TV receivers and set-top boxes - from 7.0. Sometimes Android set-top boxes cannot work in this format, so Beeline Corporation advises buying devices from it that are properly firmware and can function normally.

Samsung Smart TV

The Beeline TV application for smart TV is easy to install. For interactive television to function you need:

  1. Internet at least 10 Mbit/s.
  2. Wi-Fi router.
  3. Subscribe to Beeline Smart TV.

To open an account on the portal. A Beeline mobile phone number is required, as well as an email address. After the prepayment is made, it will be possible to activate Beeline TV in the smart application. Beeline TV began operating at the end of 2021. Smart TV is available for reception on Android and iOS smartphones.

Users have the opportunity to purchase the “Start” tariff for only 99 rubles. It includes more than sixty channels. You can purchase additional content for an additional fee. There is a two-week trial period. There is also a deferred demand function. The Smart TV format is rapidly expanding and will become ubiquitous in the coming years.

The situation is changing dynamically, so it is recommended to view all the latest news on the company’s portal. The new device can be connected to high-definition TV receivers; it supports resolution: 4K Ultra HD. This technique provides surround sound of crystal clarity in the Beeline TV application for smart TV.

Beeline TV on LG Smart TV: what is it, purpose, advantages

The Beeline TV service is television from the Beeline company of the same name, offering to watch hundreds of channels in one application, including new rentals, films and cartoons. Users can watch more than 200 channels from various topics, access to which opens after connecting to any of the packages.

The goal of creating Beeline TV on LG TVs and other devices is to make life easier for customers and allow them to abandon conventional wired TV. The service is available at any time after installing the application and connecting to the global network of the Beeline provider or another operator (via Wi-Fi or wire).

Beeline TV for LG TV has a number of advantages that attract users and force them to abandon conventional services:

  1. Large selection of children's and adult channels (more than 300).
  2. The ability to review a program at any time (including one that has already passed).
  3. Availability of the interactive program a week ahead and three days ago for ease of selection.
  4. Connect up to five devices without paying additional fees.
  5. Convenient design, ease of search and the ability to select recommendations.
  6. Installing parental controls and protecting children from viewing potentially dangerous content.

The Beeline TV application for LG Smart TV is available for all LG models released after 2021. If the Smart option is not available, you must use a special set-top box, which can be purchased or rented from a provider.

What kind of service is this, its features

Beeline TV on Samsung Smart TV is online television from the Beeline operator, offering customers access to their favorite films and TV series through the built-in functionality of the TV. The app gives you access to the same movies and channels that are available on other platforms. At the same time, users can buy a full-fledged Beeline tariff along with the Internet or connect only the package they are interested in for online viewing.

After connecting Beeline TV for Samsung Smart TV, you have access to more than 300 channels, options for managing broadcasts and an archive of television programs for the last 72 hours. Cartoons from famous domestic and foreign studios are also available in HD quality and without intrusive advertising.

Using the Beeline TV application for Samsung Smart TV allows you to simultaneously connect up to five devices on one account, and during the 30-day trial period you can watch TV for free. Watching your favorite movies and shows is available on any display.

Advantages of Beeline TV on Samsung Smart:

  1. The ability to watch content from where it left off.
  2. Simple and intuitive interface.
  3. Easy and fast movie search.
  4. Affordable cost of services.
  5. The ability to use the Beeline TV application for a Samsung TV if any Internet is available (the provider can be not only Beeline).
  6. Availability of a trial period for 30 days, allowing you to enjoy full functionality on Smart Samsung for free.
  7. No payment for users of All in One packages, as well as Home Internet and TV.
  8. When using mobile Internet to watch television, traffic is not taken into account.
  9. Possibility of obtaining additional packages for Smart - Adults, Cinema, Sports, Children, etc. (additional payment required).
  10. Saving your favorite videos and programs in the catalog with the ability to watch them at a convenient time.

Installation and configuration of the program takes place directly on the TV after connecting to the Internet. However, you do not need to pay for the first 30 days.

Package offers

Let's look at Beeline TV packages and tariffs. After activating your subscription, you will have the following options to choose from:

NameCost (RUB/month)Number of channels
For adults2995
Amedia Premium HD - Home of HBO1992
SHANT Premium2401

And also movie subscriptions:

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NamePrice (RUB/month)
Movies ivi199
Action and thrillers ivi99
Comedy ivi99
ivi children's subscription99
Adult subscription (18+),199

Users who have connected the “All in One” or “Home Internet and TV” TP line receive a basic package included in the tariff plan.

In addition to subscriptions, you can purchase any movie/series for rent or forever - if you do not want to pay for the entire package, opt for one option.

Find out how much home Internet costs in the article about current tariff plans.

How to install the application, register and set up Samsung Smart TV

To use the services of Beeline, you need to connect a television, connect to a WiFi network, download Beeline TV to your Samsung Smart TV and register. Let's take a closer look at how to do this correctly.


The most convenient way is to connect Beeline TV along with the Internet. To connect to the service, take the following steps:

  1. Check to see if you have the necessary equipment in your home. To do this, submit an application online or dial 8-800-70-08-000.
  2. Decide on a tariff plan for Smart. Four tariffs are available for the joint Internet and television service (Fantastic MAX, Bombic with TV, Fantastic or High-Speed ​​with TV).
  3. Select an additional channel package (if necessary).
  4. Fill out an application and pay for the service.

If you are connected to another provider, setting up Beeline TV on Samsung Smart TV is available without connecting a cable. To use the service, just download the application and register. At the same time, users can purchase films at a cost of 99 rubles per piece, purchase a Starter package for 150 rubles, or receive additional packages (for an additional fee).

Connecting Smart Samsung with WiFi

To download the Beeline TV widget for Samsung Smart TV, you must have a Wi-Fi connection.

The general algorithm of actions looks like this:

  1. Connect the router to the provider's cable.
  2. Connect the router to your PC or laptop for setup.
  3. Log in to any web explorer and enter in the address bar. Login information can be found on the bottom of the device.
  1. Go to the quick setup section and enter the data for the Wi-Fi network (name and password).
  2. Save your settings.
  3. Pick up the Samsung TV remote control and enter the menu.
  4. Go to the Network section, and then Network Settings.
  5. In the instruction window, click on the Next button.
  6. Specify your wireless network and click Next.
  7. Select your option from the list provided.
  8. Enter your password and click Next.

If everything is done correctly, a message appears on the TV indicating that the settings have been successfully entered and the connection to the Network has been completed. Here we will tell you how to set up Beeline TV via a set-top box.

Installing the application

Before setting up Beeline TV on a Samsung TV, you need to download and install a utility for watching television. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Connect the TV to the Internet according to the principle discussed above.
  2. Log in to your Samsung Smart TV by clicking the Smart Hub button.
  3. Go to Samsung App and find the Beeline program through the search.
  4. Install the software.


Before connecting Beeline TV to Samsung Smart, please register. If you use a Beeline mobile number, you are provided with 30 days of free use with the Starter package. In this case, the service is activated automatically. When registering by mailbox, in order to receive a free service, you must enter data from a bank card. Activation of the free period is closed for iOS devices.

Registration Features:

  1. For Beeline mobile subscribers - by phone number. After specifying the mobile number, a message with a PIN code is sent to the smartphone. Registration using a password from your Personal Account is also available.
  2. When using the services of other mobile operators - by e-mail. After entering the data, you will receive a letter with a one-time PIN code.
  3. For subscribers of the All in One plan, registration takes place by phone or contract number with the company. After specifying the data, a message with a PIN code is received. Registration using a password in your personal account is also available.
  4. If you connect to Home Internet and television services, you can register using your contract number or through your personal account. If you need to change the console, talk about it here.

Features of the Beeline TV application

Online television from Beeline is a modern platform that expands the understanding of the usual viewing of TV channels. By registering in the system, you can activate up to 5 devices on one account. Accordingly, it becomes possible to watch a video in a convenient place and anywhere, and continue watching it on a frozen frame (for example, starting it on the phone on the way home, and finishing it at home on the big screen).

Also, after creating an account, the company offers many bonuses:

  • 7 days of free trial viewing for all newbies;
  • a large number of TV channels, both Russian and foreign;
  • no advertising;
  • not charging traffic to all Beeline mobile subscribers.

The application allows you to store your own history and watch a TV program to plan your leisure time. In the archive of TV shows, the user will be able to select tapes to watch.

Any subscriber can buy or rent their favorite films.

How to connect, services and tariffs

The connection diagram for Android TVs is very simple, all you need to do is:

  • find through a search in the Play Market by entering “Beeline TV”;
  • download it;
  • install on your Smart TV.

Similarly, you can find the widget in other operating systems, in stores corresponding to the TV brand (Samsung App, LG Content Store, IOS, etc.).

Beeline offers several tariffs at the discretion of the client:

  • starting, 150 rub/month. and the ability to watch 73 TV channels;
  • special, 195 rub/month. for 97 TV channels.

Plus you can connect additional packages to them:

  • cinema, 23 channels for 249 rubles for a period of one month;
  • 12 children, 149 rubles/month;
  • 20 educational, 199 rubles/month;
  • 8 sports TV channels costing 149 rubles/month;
  • and many others (Viasat, Amedia Premium, for adults, etc.) costing from 150 to 299 rubles/month.

The cost of renting or purchasing a movie will depend on the popularity, manufacturer, and relevance of a particular video.

To pay for the offer you like, you need to connect your card in the application, or for Beeline subscribers - this can be done through your own account, linking it to your account.

Possible difficulties and their elimination

Quite rarely, but situations still occur when Beeline television does not work. There may be several reasons for this problem. The most common options to start your search with are the following.

  1. There are not enough funds in the account to pay for the provider's services. In this case, the signal is blocked. The problem is resolved by depositing the agreed amount into the account.
  2. Due to technical faults on the service side, the speed has dropped, causing crashes and freezes when playing content. In this situation, you will need to wait some time until the problems are resolved by the site developers.
  3. Breakdown of the set-top box/router. In this case, you will need to understand the nature of the malfunction - whether it is of software or hardware origin. In the first case, you can try to fix the problem on your own by flashing the equipment. And in the second case, you will need the help of a specialist.

But first of all, if the application is not working correctly, you need to make sure that you have a stable Internet connection at a sufficient speed.

So, all the features and nuances of the “Beeline TV” program for Smart TV were discussed above. In conclusion, it is worth noting that as soon as the service is able to watch TV channels, this application will look more advantageous against the background of similar software.

Equipment and setup

Conventional devices of the old model, which were used to watch analogue TV, are not suitable for digital television. To connect and watch high-definition Beeline digital TV, you need modern television equipment.

New TVs that support widescreen image output often have corresponding markings (for example, HD Ready, Full-HD). You can accurately verify this from the instruction manual or look at the TV screen resolution in the settings, which should be at least 1920x1080p.

The device must also have an HDMI, RCA or VGA connector for connecting a coaxial cable, which has high bandwidth for transmitting high-definition images.

If your TV has a low screen resolution, your home TV channels will work fine. But it is worth considering that the quality of their output will be the same as that of analog broadcasting. If at least one of the listed ports is missing, watching high-definition television will become impossible, because The Beeline set-top box cannot be connected to the TV even with the use of an adapter.


To watch digital TV from Beeline in Moscow, you need a receiver - a digital set-top box that decrypts the signal coming from the operator.

The set-top box is provided free of charge as part of the contract for the period of use. On the website page you can see the list of digital set-top boxes available for rent. All receivers support access to HDTV.

Television is available from one account on several devices. To do this, you need to connect and also rent additional set-top boxes. For each receiver you will have to pay 230 rubles. per month, or purchase them in Beeline stores.

Beeline television capabilities

New wireless digital iptv equipment with a universal remote control, which is included in the kit, allows you to view the channel grouping through the menu. Other features and basic commands:

  1. TV channels are grouped according to main topics. If desired, activation of additional channels is available.
  2. You can start watching one program and then return to another broadcast. There is a recording mode if a flash card is inserted into the set-top box. This method allows you not to miss your favorite programs.
  3. There is a function to search for content on air. To optimize the action, it is better to build a query from key phrases.
  4. Connecting and setting up Parental Control is necessary for users whose family has children. In your web account, you need to find the tab of the same name and activate the function. The subscriber can independently block “unwanted” channels.
  5. Broadcast control is available: pause, rewind and view the broadcast for the last 3 days.

All main functionality is located in the web account. So, to view the status of your personal account, just select the folder with the name of the request. Payment for TV program services can occur in several ways. If you link a bank card, you can immediately top up your balance. Available for payment systems Visa, Mastercard. You can make a payment using your phone number, then the funds will be debited from your smartphone balance. Confirmation of any operation is carried out using the round “OK” key.

Interactive TV program

TV from Beeline is not just television, but a connection of several intelligent services. There is no need to activate basic Internet applications; you just need to turn on the item of interest to get information. The set-top box automatically synchronizes with a number of services:

  • Yandex weather.
  • Exchange rates.
  • Date and time in Moscow, you can choose a different zone.
  • Rutube.
  • Social media.
  • Messengers.
  • Sports news from Rambler.
  • Subscriptions.
  • Video rental.
  • Games.

The user can manage the broadcast, view the archive of programs and set alerts to remind them about a future broadcast.

Connection on mobile devices

It’s easy to organize unified access on all devices and control connected equipment via the set-top box. To ensure correct use for each mobile device, a proprietary application is provided that is downloaded and installed on the smartphone.

After connecting the set-top box, the provider provides packages of paid channels and films in test mode for two weeks without a subscription fee. This is done so that the user can evaluate the quality and diversity of digital broadcasting.

Possible malfunctions and their elimination

The disappearance of the image or deterioration in quality in beeline tv is possible for the following reasons:

  1. Late payment – ​​the ability to use the application is blocked. To resume viewing, you need to deposit the amount into your Beeline personal account by any means: through a bank card, Google account, payment terminal.
  2. No Internet connection or slow speed. When using mobile gadgets, the likely cause is being in the area of ​​an uncertain radio signal. You need to move 100-200 meters to the side - the signal will be restored. Home Internet may disappear due to damage to the main Internet cable or wire in a house or apartment. It is advisable to wait 10-15 minutes and if the situation does not change, call support. Employees will remotely determine the location of the suspected damage and accept a request for troubleshooting.
  3. Malfunction or technical work on the service. You must wait until repairs or routine maintenance are completed.
  4. Equipment malfunction. Most often, failures occur in the operation of Android TV set-top boxes. If there is no image, it slows down or stops, it is advisable to reboot the device. Usually after this normal operation is restored. It is also necessary to regularly update the firmware of the set-top box.

Traffic consumption

Users have the opportunity to use the program without consuming traffic. Megabytes will not be written off under the following conditions:

  • Using the “All” tariff line;
  • Connection.

Mobile Internet Beeline TV will be consumed in the following cases:

  • While in roaming (according to tariff plan prices);
  • For subscribers of other operators - any user can download and pay for using the application. Downloading is free, use is paid according to the tariff plan prices.

Now you know how to get unlimited traffic for Beeline mobile TV - choose a convenient option. Let's go further and look at how to connect Beeline mobile TV to your phone and deactivate the service.

For the “F” series, the instructions look like this

Creating a new user “DEVELOP” Create a new user on the TV Press the button on the regular Menu remote control (or the Misc button on the touchscreen, use arrows to move to the Menu button on the screen remote control) Select the menu item “Smart Functions” Select “Account”. zap. Samsung", select "Login" Enter "Email": Develop Enter "Password" including the exclamation mark: sso1029dev! Check the box “Remember password” Click “Login” Exit the menu

Advice: By point: Enter “El.p.”: Develop - the user typed: develop (not with a capital letter, did not accept with a capital letter).

Next, regarding the password: the password field was not active for me, remember the password too, so after entering the develop user, if the password field is not active, we immediately press enter and log in under the develop user.

Next, I’ll add something that was not in the instructions in the header: - Go to Smart Hub - Next, go to Additional applications (located at the bottom) - Then go to Settings (upper right corner) - Go to the IP settings menu - Enter the address ( search on the Internet or - Press enter - Then go to the Synchronization line (also in the settings, located below) and see the widget loading scale.

And most importantly, before all these operations, make sure that TheDark SmartTV Server is ready for use. Otherwise, it will generate an error during synchronization.

How to connect

The company's subscribers have two ways to install Beeline television on Smart TV - using a set-top box or by connecting to a TV with Smart TV technology. Let's consider each of the options in more detail.

Using a set-top box

If you don’t have a TV with Smart technology at hand, you can connect to Beeline television using a set-top box. Take the following steps:

  1. Select the connection method - TV only, TV with Internet or All together. In the latter case, mobile communications serves as an additional service.
  2. Dial 8-800-70-08-000 and tell a Beeline employee your wishes regarding the chosen tariff. If you give preference only to television, it is enough to buy a set-top box. In case of receiving complex services, you must select one of the presented tariff plans.
  3. Decide on additional channel packages.
  4. Fill out an application and wait for a call from a company specialist to agree on the time and address for connecting the service. When you order Home Internet and Digital TV services, a specialist comes and helps you set up Beeline television on Smart TV for free.

After purchasing the set-top box, you need to connect it. For this:

  1. Connect your device to your TV using an HDMI cable or AV cable.
  2. Connect the set-top box to the router using an Ethernet cable via LAN.
  3. Supply power to the device from 220 V through the included power supply.
  4. Use the TV remote control to select the video input where the set-top box is connected.
  5. Set up an Internet connection via the router cable.
  6. Wait for the software update.

In the next step, the Beeline TV application for Smart TV must be activated. We'll look at how to do this in the next section. Here we will tell you how to log into the router.

On Smart TV

Now let's look at how to connect Beeline TV to a Smart TV. In such a situation, everything is simpler - you need to activate the service, connect the TV to the Internet via cable or WiFi, download the application and register.

The process of connecting Beeline TV is discussed above, so let’s focus on further steps:

  1. Connect the cable from your Internet provider to the WAN connector of the router.
  2. Connect the router to your laptop or computer using a LAN cable for setup.
  3. Open any browser and enter the following data in the URL bar -
  4. Enter the quick setup section and enter your Wi-Fi login and password information.
  5. Save your data and restart your device.

Learn how to find out the WI FI password here.

The next step is to download and install the application via the Internet. Let's look at the instructions using the example of LGs released after 2021 and equipped with Smart technology:

  1. Connect your TV to the Internet.
  2. Click on the Recent/Home button.
  3. Login to LG Content Store.
  4. Find the application you need and download it.
  5. Launch and use the program.

How to choose the optimal tariff plan

How to install and configure Beeline TV on a smart TV
Users can select the desired tariff plan on the same page where the address was checked. Under the page title, you need to mark the services that are needed to connect. In this case, it is worth designating about and “Internet”. Next, select one of the proposed tariff plan options, first for the Internet, then for television, and click the “More details” button. On the page that opens, you need to click on the “Add to cart” button for each of the tariffs selected by the user

It is worth paying attention to the fact that connecting digital television from Beeline is possible even if high-speed Internet is provided by another provider. At the same time, do not forget that an additional payment of 120 rubles will be charged for the fact that the company will service the line

Those users who are already subscribers of the company can connect to a tariff plan for Beeline TV directly in their personal account, which is used for Home Internet users. To do this, you will need to enter your login and password, and then open the section for ordering various services and select the most suitable tariff option. After some time, a Beeline specialist will call the user to discuss all the details for the delivery of the necessary equipment.

Setting up a TV set-top box

Control of the set-top box and absolutely all settings must be performed using a special remote control. Such a simple device will allow you to easily and quickly perform a variety of functions, namely:

  • Login to your personal account;
  • Connecting various social privileges;
  • Switching digital channels;
  • Volume setting;
  • Setting up an Internet connection, etc.
  • First you need to click on the “Menu” button.
  • After this, you need to go to the Network section and select its settings.
  • Then click on the Start button. Beeline TV will automatically start searching for a router. After the search is completed, the name of the router used will appear, which will need to be configured.
  • When the desired network is selected, you must enter the password and click on the Next button.

If all steps are performed correctly, you will soon have an Internet connection and you can start using a variety of Beeline TV services. Using the console with the remote control is quite easy and simple. With its help, you can perform a variety of actions and at the same time spend a minimum amount of time setting up or searching for the desired service.

“Beeline TV on a smartphone and tablet” – cost and other basic information

Note 1.

Price characteristics and even the content of the product may differ plus or minus from one subject of the country to another. For this reason, for the purpose of comparison, we present the tariff conditions for the two regions (see links below):

  • “BTVSiP” for Moscow and the Moscow region;
  • “BTVSiP” for Sochi and Krasnodar region.

Please note: we strongly recommend that you indicate your locality when studying operator products on the website. In this case, you will be able to receive up-to-date information

“Beeline TV on smartphones and tablets” is a service that gives access to the online television service on mobile devices.

The product allows you to watch popular TV channels and movies using a convenient application.

Important! The cost of the “Beeline TV on smartphone and tablet” service varies depending on the activated subscriptions and the duration of the grace periods of use. For example, a subscriber has the opportunity to subscribe to 20 TV channels for free or subscribe to “ivi Movies” for 30 days. Main features:

Key Features


  • TV and cinema on a mobile device;
  • various viewing options (live, recording, video catalogue);
  • Availability on iOS and Android.

Full information is available at: – “Individuals” – “Services” – “Mobile communications and Internet” – a block with the desired product.

Key Benefits

The Beeline TV service offers an intuitive interface for easy use without carefully studying the instructions. The catalogs contain popular films and new releases. Regular replenishment of the collection and expansion of the list of channels is ensured. Individual benefits should be considered in detail.

Broadcast management and broadcast archive

Selecting the “Program” tab provides access to a grid of programs with marked time intervals. Clicking the computer mouse buttons takes you to a page with a detailed description. The accompanying information indicates the production date and age restrictions. The archive stores recordings of TV shows for 48 hours.

Subscriptions and video rental

Package nameQuantityPrice, rub./month
Cinema + TV 1 (2, 3)76 (169, 213)1281199 (299, 399)
VIP Play142665199
Movies ivi11968199
Short films26799
Movies ivi Light22299

You should pay attention to the rules of current marketing promotions so as not to miss out on a profitable offer. When choosing “Cinema + TV 1”, for example, they provide free access to the service for 30 calendar days

For a correct comparison, the features of the film collection and the list of channels that are included in the subscription price are clarified.

To watch a movie at a convenient time, use Video Rental. The search for material is performed according to the considered algorithm. Before placing an order, study:

  • text description;
  • trailer;
  • list of actors.

The cost of the service is determined:

  • the novelty and popularity of the film;
  • category;
  • video format.

The standard period of use of 48 hours is extended as part of special promotions. The number of views is not limited. After confirming the order, the corresponding amount is debited automatically from the funds in the user’s personal account. Standard functions work: rewind, pause, jump to a timestamp, etc.

Thanks to , you can watch your favorite movie at any time.

Unified access across all devices

This service is provided free of charge. The user can start watching on TV and continue on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The service remembers the moment of stopping. The next time you connect after identifying the user, you are automatically moved to the same position. The number of transitions is not limited.

Parental control

This function is used to prevent viewing of video materials taking into account age or other restrictions. In the menu, select the “Blocks” section. Set a PIN code that allows access to the selected channels.

Services and tariffs

Beeline TV is an online service with a flexible pricing policy and a large selection of content. Television channels are distributed in packages - universal or thematic. Connection is free - you only pay the cost of a monthly subscription. Beeline TV packages:

Connection and disconnection is carried out in your personal account. Thus, the user can customize the content that interests him without overpaying for unnecessary channels.

A subscription to watch films is issued in your personal account. There are six of them in total: AMEDIATEKA, IVI, MULT, World of Discovery, START, adult subscription (18+). The price ranges from 29 to 599 rubles per month.

Beeline TV features

Beeline TV has the standard advantages for such a service:

  • viewing up to 250 channels, many of which are in HD quality;
  • the ability to select an audio track and watch a TV channel in several languages;
  • interactive TV program guide for two weeks with search functionality;
  • the ability to watch TV on 4 TVs simultaneously;
  • social applications that can be used using the set-top box remote control;
  • pause and simultaneous recording of 4 channels, broadcast TV shows 48 hours in advance, adjust the recording time;
  • 13 TV channel packages.

The recording function is in demand now

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