What is Tricolor TV? Satellite TV Provider Review

We closely monitor new electronic devices, especially those that are created and manufactured in Russia. Just such a new product will be discussed today. This is a General Satellite digital set-top box model GS B626L. Used to watch TV and movies from satellite and via the Internet by clients of the multi-platform operator Tricolor. The software and hardware part is a product of the GS Group, direct manufacturing is carried out by the enterprises of the Technopolis GS innovation cluster in the Kaliningrad region.

Coverage area

The signal is transmitted by two satellites: Eutlesat 36C and Express-AT1.

The first covers the European part of the Russian Federation (see map).

One satellite broadcasts on the European territory of the country

The second one works primarily with the Far East.

The second satellite broadcasts in the Far East

The final coverage area is all of Russia.

Satellite Internet service is available only on the Express-AMU1 basis. The official coverage map looks like this.

Satellite Internet is not available throughout the country

Interactive television is available throughout Russia through any provider.

Where can I buy

If you are already a Tricolor customer, then this GS B626L model can be purchased at a special price under the exchange program directly from the operator in company showrooms, in its online store or from dealers throughout Russia. New customers of the service will be able to purchase a similar model GS B627L or a simpler model GS B623L there - check prices on the Internet or directly from sellers. For large wholesale supplies, you can contact the distributor -.

Taking into account all of the above, General Satellite set-top boxes are quite suitable as the optimal choice for customers who want to use high-quality satellite or Internet television. And, importantly, purchasing the device will definitely support the domestic manufacturer.

Tariffs and prices

Let's consider the current cost of Tricolor tariff plans in the context of basic services.

Satellite television

All packages.

NameNumber of channelsSubscription cost (RUB/year)Notes
Base27For freeOnly all-Russian channels
Single216 (of which 36 are in HD quality)1500Interactive television with all capabilities (archive, broadcast control) and online cinema
Unified Ultra HD222 (35 in HD and 6 in UHD)2000Adds the ability to receive 4K video
Extra218 (38 HD)2000 (or 1200 rubles/six months)Interactive TV
Ultra HD71200This is an additional package that includes only UltraHD channels
Children's201200 (or 200 rub./month)Additional package with children's channels
Night71800 (or 200 rub./month)Additional package with adult content
Match! Football 2219 rub./monthChannel about Russian football
Match! Premier 6380 rub./monthBroadcast of world football events

Users can connect for 500 rubles/year (in some tariffs it is included in the price). The service makes it possible to watch channels on two TVs at once.

An alternative to “Multiroom” can be free, when the content of the channels is broadcast to a mobile device or to a SMART TV.

Requires a writable storage device. Up to 4 films are downloaded daily. “Rental” of films can be paid (from 69 rubles/piece).

Equipment is purchased through official dealers or in the official online store of the provider.

The full list of Tricolor satellite TV channels is in the table below.

There are many more satellite TV channels than interactive ones

Interactive television

All Tricolor subscribers with a subscription to the Unified package automatically gain access to online television.

To do this, you need to connect the set-top box to the Internet (only certain models of set-top boxes have this function).

Owners of SMART TVs and mobile devices just need to install the Tricolor Online TV application.

Among the service functions:

  • Access to the archive of TV shows for 7 days.
  • Watch a movie or show from the beginning (no storage required).
  • Broadcast control (pause, rewind, etc.).

If you do not have satellite TV from Tricolor, then you can connect to the Tricolor Online package. Subscription fee – 2000 rubles/year (for 144 channels), registration through a dealer is required.

Satellite Internet

Offer for remote areas. The service is provided on the basis of the partner – . Tariffs and access parameters are indicated below.

RateMax. downstream speed (Mbit) Max. outgoing speed (Mbit) Limit for dynamic speed limiting (in GB)Subscription fee (RUB/month)
Unlimited 404012504990
Unlimited 20205252990

Connection requires the purchase of special equipment.

Equipment and appearance

The delivery package of the device is quite ascetic, everything is strictly to the point: set-top box, power supply, remote control (classic, well known from other set-top boxes) and the necessary documents. Including the most important one - the user manual, which we always recommend reading before turning on any device. If it is more convenient from the screen, there is a QR code in a prominent place - a link to the electronic version.

The console has a simple and attractive matte body. On the front panel there is a digital display, on the top there is a button for switching between operating mode and standby mode. On the side there is a slot for a conditional access smart card.

Everything you need, as expected, is on the back panel. On the left edge you can see two connectors for connecting cables from the satellite dish converter. Nearby are a couple of USB connectors, HDMI, Ethernet and a socket for the power supply. As you can see, the set-top box supports both satellite connection and Internet connection, both together (“hybrid”) and separately.


Tricolor is the largest Russian satellite TV operator.

The brand belongs to, which began its activities in 2005. Almost immediately after registration, the first broadcasts were launched on the basis of the French satellite Eutelsat 36A. Its coverage area included a large territory of the European part of Russia. There were few channels (5) and broadcasting was free.

Customers showed interest in the new company and by the end of 2006 there were 150 thousand subscribers.

The transition to paid broadcasting packages occurred only in 2007. By that time, the subscriber base already numbered almost half a million users.

In 2008, the Tricolor provider expanded its coverage area by leasing the Bonum-1 satellite.

The company actively implemented new technologies - a transition to MPEF-4 was made, radio channels were included in the list of available ones, the list of channels was increased, and new service points were opened. At the same time, prices remained affordable. Thanks to this, the subscriber base grew rapidly. In the first half of 2012 it was more than 10 million people.

In the second half of 2012, Tricolor satellite television switched to the digital broadcast format - HDTV and launched broadcasts of foreign TV channels. By the end of the year, there were already 25 HD channels on the broadcast list.

In 2013, the operator was the first among all Russian companies to broadcast in UltraHD 4K quality.

In 2015, Tricolor tariffs were brought to a single unified format throughout Russia.

Starting from 2021, the company is introducing a package of TV channels in UltraHD quality. In the same year, subscribers began transferring from obsolete equipment designed to work with MPEG-2 to new ones.

In the second half of 2016, the provider announced the launch of a satellite Internet service with two-way access and its own online cinema.

In 2017, Tricolor released a mobile application for its subscribers, through which it became more convenient to manage your personal account and pay for services. In the same year, the operator announced the start of broadcasting via the Internet without satellite dishes.

In 2021, the company rebranded and changed not only the logo, but also the name. Instead of "Tricolor TV" a more universal brand "Tricolor" appeared.

How to transfer Tricolor to digital television

Users do not need to think about how to set up Tricolor for digital television. And in situations where their receivers suddenly stop receiving the signal, it is better to look for other sources of problems:

  • lack of money in the account;
  • malfunction of the set-top box;
  • lack of smart card activation;
  • carrying out preventive maintenance by the provider;
  • outdated receiver software.

The latter is especially relevant. To make sure that an update is necessary, you will need to find an item in the receiver menu indicating the current software version (usually called up by the “status” button) and compare the information found with what is indicated on the company’s official portal. After that, all you have to do is turn on the information channel and wait.

In other cases, you need to call the contact center for free and find out why the broadcast disappeared. Consultants will figure out what happened and help restore broadcasting.


  1. Tricolor is one of the oldest satellite TV operators in Russia and currently the largest in the country.
  2. A large number of TV channels are offered at affordable prices.
  3. Service points and official dealers are available in almost every city.
  4. In addition to satellite television, subscribers receive a lot of additional services and services, for example, access to individual films and interactive TV.
  5. Online television can be connected separately (without satellite).
  6. There are all the necessary functions - rewind, pause, archive for 7 days, etc.
  7. Online and offline payment for services.
  8. Mobile application for managing your personal account and convenient payment.
  9. The Tricolor TV support service responds to requests and questions around the clock through various communication channels.
  10. Equipment can be purchased online or from your nearest dealer. Promotions are regularly held to exchange old equipment for new ones.
  11. The provider holds various promotions for subscribers.

Only useful applications

The set-top box runs on its own software platform, StingrayTV. Sections of the main menu are, in fact, applications with certain functionality. Take, for example, the children's section: this is an application whose interface generally replicates the “adult” one, but in the first place are TV programs and films for children, and access to other content and, most importantly, the settings page is limited and hidden. The Kino Online application provides access to the Tricolor online service of the same name.

There are separate programs for viewing photos, playing music and videos - that is, the set-top box can easily switch to media player mode. The only recommendation is to use USB drives with the EXT4 file system. There are even some gaming apps! You never know who will be overwhelmed by the desire to play Tetris on TV. The device also allows you to control the Tricolor Smart Home system.

A nice feature of the set-top box is the highly functional “Personal Account” application. It contains not only all the device settings, but also full access to management. So you can pay for their use (or even just top up your account balance) without leaving the console interface.

Cable kit

As stated above, the set of cables supplied with Tricolor equipment is sufficient to organize a small home network. It includes:

  • coaxial cable 10 meters long;
  • 2 F-connectors for connecting the receiver to the antenna unit;
  • twisted pair cable 10 meters long;
  • 2 RJ-45 connectors for crimping twisted pair cables;
  • analog audio and video cables for old TVs;
  • HDMI cable for connecting modern TVs.

Important! Depending on the receiver model, the number of items in the supplied cable set may vary. If it is necessary to lay long signal transmission routes, the subscriber will need to separately purchase a wire of the required type and length.

Receiver options

The receivers that Tricolor offers can be categorized in different ways. The first division is based on the number and type of tuners.

  1. Receiver for one TV with two independent tuners. Allows you to view different channels on TV, tablet, smartphone.
  2. Model for 1 TV with one tuner. The user can view on the screen of a smartphone or tablet the same channel that is turned on on the TV.
  3. A client-server system of two receivers with independent channel selection and a separate tuner for free viewing of broadcasts on a tablet or smartphone.
  4. Client-server system without the ability to connect tablets and smartphones.

Another division of models is a description of their hardware capabilities. Today subscribers are offered:

  • models with the ability to receive broadcasts in HD format;
  • devices that allow you to write a TV broadcast to a memory card and simultaneously watch another channel;
  • solutions for working with satellites of other providers;
  • receivers capable of working with analogue television signals.

The average user can buy a relatively inexpensive (within the provider's offer) standard kit, which will include a Tricolor TV satellite dish and a receiver capable of receiving all channels in normal quality.

Branches in the Moscow region

In addition to the official website, you can find the exact addresses of Tricolor NAO offices in Moscow and the region on our portal. The information is constantly updated and checked, so the addresses, contact numbers and operating hours of the operator presented on the site fully correspond to the real state of affairs.

Vidnoye, Leninsky Komsomol Ave., 9, building 3, UniverMAK shopping center, 3rd floor, room 3028-929-564-51-00 8-499-390-35-01 tricolor-univermak.ruIP Kaplenkov Pavel Nikolaevich
Korolev, Kosmonavtov Ave., 34B, Jupiter shopping center, 3rd floor, office 3078-926-078-77-71 tricolor-korolevmo.ruIP Rasskazov Ivan Valerievich
Domodedovo, Kirova St., 7, building 18-968-390-85-75 8-495-979-11-49 tricolor-dmdedovo.ruIP Kaplenkov Pavel Nikolaevich
Krasnogorsk, Svetlaya str., 3A, building 4, TH “Izumrudny”, 2nd floor, room No. 38-968-686-40-94 tricolor-krasngorsk.ruIP Baskin Vladislav Dmitrievich
Mytishchi, Kolontsova St., 5, TC "Torus", office 5048-910-008-86-66 8-926-424-29-00 tricolor-myt.ruIP Shut Valeria Sergeevna
Noginsk, Rogozhskaya st., 678-929-663-88-50 tricolor-nog.ruLLC "TECHNO-EL"
Ozery, Sovetsky lane, 9A, office 68-915-023-40-03 8-926-153-86-42 tricolor-ozery.ruIP Gladyshev Alexander Nikolaevich
Podolsk, Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya st., 229, pavilion 118-903-261-81-81 tricolor-pod.ruIP Ionova Valeria Aleksandrovna
Stupino, Gorky St., 26, shopping center "Oka"8-916-765-18-81 8-495-921-61-41 8-985-777-09-77 tricolor-stupino2.ruIP Kondrashov Maxim Evgenievich
Aprelevka, Tsvetochnaya Alleya str., 15, office 28-925-033-44-14 tricolor-aprel.ruIP Bilash Yuri Yurievich
Bronnitsy, Sovetskaya st., 73, shopping center "Yar"8-926-900-09-02 tricolor-bronn.ruIP Zavarzin Andrey Vladimirovich
Volokolamsk, Novo-Soldatskaya str., 1A, shopping center "Mart"8-495-796-89-81 8-903-796-89-81 tricolor-voloklmsk.ruIP Baskin Vladislav Dmitrievich
Voskresensk, st. Mendeleeva, 5A 8-915-121-12-77 tricolor-mendeleeva.ruIP Sidyakin Alexander Viktorovich
Dmitrov, Professionalnaya str., 7, shopping center "Dmitrovsky"8-903-725-82-16 8-916-194-87-45 tricolor-dmitrv.ruIP Bushuev Viktor Leonidovich
Yegoryevsk, Parizhskaya Kommuna str., 1B, "Byttehnika" store, 1st floor8-499-404-00-92 8-909-652-21-01 tricolor-egorevsk.ruIP Muravlev Ilya Vyacheslavovich
Zvenigorod, Moskovskaya str., 33, shopping center "Zvenigorod", 2nd floor, office 348-925-483-96-46 tricolor-zvenigrd.ruLLC "Techno-EL"
Istra, Lenin St., 278-495-792-43-05 8-903-792-43-05 8-901-180-67-46 tricolor-istr.ruIP Damirov Seymur Sultanmurad
Kashira, Streletskaya st., 138-499-755-55-39 8-496-696-74-17 8-926-036-37-73 tricolor-cashira.ruIP Kondrashov Maxim Evgenievich
Klin, Tchaikovsky St., 79A, building 2, Phoenix shopping center8-925-065-28-14 8-925-600-07-81 tricolor-kln.ruDePo LLC
Kolomna, Oksky Prospekt, 2, office 2168-919-999-03-01 tricolor-oka.ruIP Yagovkin Nikolay Veniaminovich
Kolomna, Yana Grunta st., 14, office B-18-496-619-29-20 tricolor-grunt.ruIP Yagovkin Nikolay Veniaminovich
Kubinka, Kolkhozny proezd, 15A, Cyclamen market, pavilion 938-926-330-08-31 8-968-35-21-711 tricolor-cubinka.ruIP Ivashechkina Lyudmila Mikhailovna
Kurovskoye, Sovetskaya st., 1468-495-181-45-95 tricolor-kurovskoe.ruIP Tonkoglaz Andrey Sergeevich
Lobnya, Lenina St., 9, shopping center "Nika", pav. 15, 2nd floor 8-925-311-13-08 tricolor-lobnja.ruIP Kozlov Dmitry Nikolaevich
Lukhovitsy, Gagarin St., 198-901-524-47-77 tricolor-luhovicy.ruIP Ashikhmin Sergey Gennadievich
Lyubertsy, block 116, Kirova st., 20A, TH "Orchid", 2nd floor8-915-311-28-28 tricolor-lubertsy.ruIP Shmanev Nikolay Petrovich
Mozhaisk, 1st Zheleznodorozhnaya st., 53, pavilion No. 708-926-933-96-01 tricolor-mozhajsk.ruIP Grigoryan Aram Melsovich
Naro-Fominsk, Moskovskaya st., 8A8-925-033-44-14 tricolor-narofminsk.ruIP Bilash Yuri Yurievich
Odintsovo, Marshala Nedelina str., 2, left wing, office 58-495-792-43-30 8-903-792-43-30 tricolor-odc.ruDamirov Seymur Sultanmurad
Orekhovo-Zuevo, Lenin St., 36, 2nd floor8-909-909-77-97 8-496-412-33-66 tricolor-orekhovozuevo.ruIP Fokin Alexander Mikhailovich
Pavlovsky Posad, Tikhonova St., 728-905-565-43-228-496-435-17-17 tricolor-pavlovskijposad.ruIP Fokin Alexander Mikhailovich
Pushkino, Pisarevsky proezd, 5 l.V8-495-055-85-67 tricolor-pushkno.ruIP Sivkov Alexander Vladimirovich
Ramenskoye, Narodnoe estate st., 14, office 58-499-347-04-58 8-496-467-16-78 8-496-467-35-65 tricolor-ramenskoe.ruIP Doronin Alexey Vladimirovich
Ruza, Federativnaya St., 398-925-876-17-02 tricolor-ruz.ruIP Kogtev Andrey Borisovich
Sergiev Posad, Osipenko str., 6, room 5348-495-055-85-67 tricolor-sergievposad.ruIP Sivkov Alexander Vladimirovich
Serpukhov, Borisovskoe highway, no. 119, Taget-Stroy store8-926-761-77-73 8-915-422-52-22 tricolor-serpukhov.ruIP Sukhina Anna Vladimirovna
Solnechnogorsk, Krasnaya str., 6S, shopping center "Maitr"8-925-600-05-93 8-925-600-05-94 tricolor-solnechnogrsk.ruDePo LLC
Taldom, Sovetskaya St., 23A8-495-055-85-67 tricolor-taldom.ruIP Sivkov Alexander Vladimirovich
Khimki, Moskovskaya st., 14, shopping center "Citrus"8-495-055-85-67 tricolor-khimki.ruIP Sivkov Alexander Vladimirovich
Chekhov, Pervomaiskaya st., 338-977-617-05-49 tricolor-chekhov.ruLLC "Integral-Service"
Shatura, Ilyich Ave., 298-495-181-45-59 tricolor-shatur.ruIP Tonkoglaz Andrey Sergeevich
Shchelkovo, Proletarsky Ave., 10, office 5048-495-055-85-67 tricolor-schelkovo.ruIP Sivkov Alexander Vladimirovich

All methods of confirming Tricolor TV data

To confirm the registration data of a Tricolor TV subscriber, you need to use one of three methods:

  1. Call the company using the Hotline number and provide the technical support operator with your personal information, thereby confirming it. You can call for free using the Tricolor TV hotline number.
  2. Visit the Personal Account of a Tricolor TV subscriber and confirm the necessary information as follows: Go to the main page of the site and click on the link “Login to your personal account” (top right).
  3. If you have already logged into your “Personal Account”, then you know the procedure for logging into it: you need to enter the contract number or tuner ID , and the password in the lower field, and click on the “Login” button.
  4. If you have never logged into it before, or don’t remember your password, then click the “Get (recover) password” link. In the window that opens, fill in the field (ID or contract number) and click on the “Get password” button. Next, you will be offered 3 options for delivering the password: send the information to the TV receiver by email, send it to your phone as an SMS (to the number specified in the contract) or to your email. Having chosen the option you like, click on the “Back” button.
  5. Now enter the received password and enter the “Account”.
  6. On the left side of the window, click the “Confirmation of data” line, where the first thing you need to do is read and agree with the proposed text (green button).
  7. Next, check all the information, and if everything is correct, click on the green check mark next to the top inscription. *Occasionally, it may be necessary to re-select the receiver model from the drop-down list in order for data confirmation to be successful. To do this, you need to perform the following steps.
  8. If something in the information is incorrect, click on the pencil in the second line and correct the line with the error in the data. And re-mark the receiver model. To confirm a phone number, you will have to enter a code sent to this number as an SMS message.
  • Go to the website https://registration.tricolor.tv/trPublic/MakeStatement.aspx and fill out the fields of the form in the subscriber section. In this case, you will need to enter all personal information again, as you did the first time. This is convenient if you need to change most of your personal information.
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