Rostelecom tariff plans - the best tariffs for home Internet and TV Rostelecom 2021 in Moscow and Moscow Region

In Moscow and many settlements of the Moscow region, many residents use the services of the largest company in Russia - Rostelecom. This reliable service provider has extensive wired communication channels. Rostelecom uses telephone lines that can provide Internet access to a village, private home or country house. In addition to telephone lines, the company actively uses other connection methods.

Internet connection options at the dacha

Modern Russian providers use various types of connections in their summer cottages:

  • ADSL – signal transmission over telephone lines; to organize such Internet, you must have a landline telephone;
  • PON is a technology that involves the use of fiber optic cable;
  • Wi-Fi is a common technology for organizing the Internet in villages and towns in the Moscow region and region;
  • 3G and 4G - uses cellular signals for mobile devices;
  • TV cable in conjunction with Ethernet - thanks to a special modem that converts the TV signal into an Ethernet signal, internet is provided;
  • Satellite connection - to organize the Internet via satellite, the subscriber will need to purchase a special set of equipment.


If a private home is equipped with a landline telephone, then access to the network can be provided via ADSL lines. The technology involves the use of telephone lines to transmit the signal. On average, the speed of the Internet connected in this way will be ten Mbit/sec. Compared to other connection methods, this speed is low, but it allows you to download files and communicate on social networks. In order to comfortably watch movies and TV series online, the speed is 10 Mbit/sec. It won't be enough. You can learn more about the tariff plans offered by Rostelecom on the company’s website. If the communication lines are old enough, network outages may occur during bad weather.


Fiber optic cable is the basis of GPON technology. Compared with its copper counterpart, the optical cable is more reliable and resistant to impacts. It is durable and not afraid of moisture. The speed can reach one Gbit/sec. Rostelecom guarantees users a connection speed of one hundred Mbit/sec. In the Moscow region, many villages and summer cottages are connected to the Internet in this way. An optical cable allows you to organize television and video surveillance in a private home, and on its basis you can create a “Smart Home” system.

The advantages of this connection:

  • Resistance to external influences and mechanical damage
  • No interference on the line
  • The connection quality does not depend on line failures
  • You can connect several services
  • Can be connected in many localities

Among the disadvantages is the difficulty of organizing such a network, since the cost of fiber optic cable is quite high. Running a fiber optic cable to a private home that is located far from the connection point will be very expensive.

Cost of services

The price of services from Rostelecom is not fixed and changes over time. Many characteristic features make up the price. The main factors are the user’s location, as well as the Internet connection option he has chosen. The further the residential plot is from the city center, the more expensive the price will be.

You can purchase a tariff specifically for ADSL technology that costs 349 rubles. /month

For subscribers who use the fiber-optic Internet option, the monthly cost of the service will be up to 890 rubles. /month The price is determined based on the speed selected by the user. Its limit is 200 Mbit/s. At the same time, the company has created additional useful functions that can be purchased for an additional fee.


Villages and other small settlements are connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. For these purposes, Rostelecom offered a service called “Internet at Home”. The operator creates access points that have a wide range, which allows each private home to be connected to the Internet via a wireless connection. The speed that is achieved using this technology will be ten 10 Mbit/s.

To connect to the Internet at Home tariff from Rostelecom, you will need:

  • Installing a Wi-Fi router and access point
  • Connecting to the RTOpen network
  • Registration on the Rostelecom website
  • Switching to an RTWiFi network

Residents of small settlements and holiday villages in the Moscow region and Moscow region often choose this method of connection. The “Internet at Home” tariff will allow you to use reliable Internet at your dacha, even far from the capital.

Additional features

In conclusion, let's look at a few additional features that can be connected along with the tariffs mentioned in this article.

Parental control

An excellent service for parents who are concerned about the safety of their child online. To implement the option, separate modules of programs such as:

  • Kaspersky Safe Kids - 900 rubles per year;
  • Kaspersky Safe Kids - 99 rubles per month (first month free);
  • Parental control function in ESET NOD32 - 99 rubles per month.


Rostelecom actively cooperates with the developers of antivirus programs such as Kaspersky and ESET NOD32. For the provider's clients, they have jointly developed a variety of services suitable for different devices. Their cost varies from 66 rubles per month to 1990 rubles per year.

Office 365

If you often use office programs in your work, then it is recommended to pay attention to Office 365 from Microsoft. You need to buy a license and also connect a paid subscription to it. List of licenses:

  • Homemade - 4999 rubles;
  • Personal - 3999 rubles.

As for the subscriptions themselves:

  • 399 rubles per month;
  • 4999 rubles per year.

Additional channel packages

If the basic package of TV channels is not enough for you, then you can connect separate ones:

  • 18+ - 250 rubles per month;
  • Football - 380 rubles per month;
  • Match! Premier - 299 rubles per month;
  • Premium - 150 rubles per month (first month free);
  • For film buffs - 299 rubles per month;
  • Shant - 288 rubles per month.

View Control

Next up is a service that perfectly complements interactive television. With its help, the user can pause the broadcast, rewind it forward or backward, turn on certain programs, and also record what is happening on a medium. This option makes watching TV no worse than watching the Internet on a computer. The cost of the option is 60 rubles per month. Moreover, the first month is provided free of charge.

Smart speaker Capsule

Not long ago, representatives of PJSC Rostelecom presented to the general public their own device with artificial intelligence. This is a smart speaker “Capsule”. It allows you to control your Smart Home, contact a virtual assistant, and much more. As with Office 365, you not only have to purchase it, but you also have to pay to use it. The subscription fee is 350 rubles per month. You can purchase it in one of the following ways:

  • In installments. The initial payment is 1800 rubles. Monthly fee - 350 rubles;
  • Purchase. Price - 7990 rubles.

Tariffs and prices

If a telephone is connected to a country house, Rostelecom employees will connect to the telephone line free of charge. In this case, the subscriber pays only for equipment setup services. The tariff plan can be selected on the company’s official website. The price of an Internet connection will depend on how remote the locality is. The cost of connecting via an optical cable depends on the location of the nearest connection point, the length of the cable and the services for its installation. In order to connect this option, you will need a router, preferably with Wi-Fi. The cost of a router varies depending on its performance characteristics. Rostelecom offers to rent network equipment at a competitive price. Rental payment is included in the monthly subscription fee.

Application processing time

The processing time for the application depends on the wishes of the client, who can choose the preferred time to call:

  • in the near future;
  • at intervals of 3 hours from 9.00 to 21.00.

The system makes it possible to select your preferred connection date directly on the day you submit your application. In practice, from the moment you talk with the operator and clarify the conditions until a specialist arrives at your home, it can take up to three days. However, the company shows a fairly active interest in new clients and does not delay the issue of connection if there is a technical possibility for this.

If the intended location for connecting your home Internet definitely has communications and the ability to connect services from Rostelecom, a visit from a specialist can be carried out within a day after submitting the application.

It should be noted that for existing subscribers whose services were interrupted due to lack of payment, the connection can be resumed after 2-3 hours, if the disconnection was at the software level, and up to 24 hours, when a physical visit of a specialist is required to restore communications.

Equipment for the Internet at the dacha

To connect to the Internet from Rostelecom, you will need to purchase and configure special equipment. Depending on the connection technology, the company offers different types of kits. To connect to the Internet via a landline phone, you will need to purchase an ADSL modem. To support multiple devices and provide a network for them, the modem must be equipped with Wi-Fi. If you plan to connect via optical cable, you should consider purchasing a GPON modem. It simultaneously performs the functions of both an Ethernet and a Wi-Fi router. To connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, you will need a special set of equipment. It is usually specified in the agreement that the subscriber concludes with Rostelecom.

This kit includes:

  • LTE antenna for receiving a signal from an access point;
  • Wi-Fi router for receiving and distributing the signal to other devices;
  • Special adapters;
  • Connecting cord;
  • Wire fastenings.

Connection via TV cable

In some villages in the region you can connect to the Internet using DOCSIS technology. In this case, Rostelecom uses a television cable to transmit the signal. To organize such an Internet you will need to buy a special modem. But Rostelecom also meets customers halfway by offering equipment rental. Modems for cable Internet connections do not require additional configuration and immediately after connection they provide the subscriber with reliable Internet.

If you are planning to connect the Internet in the private sector of the Moscow region, choosing Rostelecom, you need to think through each connection option in detail. Connecting to the Internet from Rostelecom means making the right choice. The company makes attractive offers to subscribers in the form of affordable connection costs and affordable tariffs. Leave a request for an Internet connection on the Rostelecom website and very soon you will be able to use a reliable network.

Common IPTV Errors

Even when configured correctly, equipment may still experience problems from time to time. Most often, complaints that Rostelecom digital television does not work come from new subscribers who are not familiar with the procedure for providing the service. So, if you see that only 10 channels are available for you to watch, and the rest for some reason do not work, in 99% of cases this means that you are overdue for payment.

Check your TV service balance, pay off the debt, and within 24 hours broadcasting will resume in full.

If the “No IP address” message appears on the screen when you turn on the TV, try rebooting the power supply. To do this, unplug the TV, then the set-top box, and then the router. After a couple of minutes, turn on the router to the network. Wait until all the lights on it turn green, then turn on the set-top box and TV. Be sure to follow the power-off sequence!

If, after turning on, you notice that some indicator is missing on the router, or it is lit in red/orange, call technical support.

Another common mistake: “No signal”. It occurs when turned on and most often indicates an incorrectly selected signal source. Another option is a broken cord connection. Check the integrity of the cable, try to reconnect all the plugs connecting the set-top box, TV and router. The rarest reason for such an error is the failure of the console. But only a specialist can diagnose it, so you can’t do it without calling technical support.

If the problem is with the company’s equipment, it will be taken away for repair. But, since digital television cannot work on a TV without a Rostelecom set-top box, you will be given a working STB during the repair. You already know how to connect it.

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