How to connect to Akado Internet and choose the appropriate tariff

With the help of the Internet, a person can solve a large number of problems - negotiate and keep in touch with loved ones, study and work remotely. But this is only possible with a high-quality Internet connection. In every city, especially large ones, there are a large number of different providers, each with different tariffs. Before making a decision, you need to carefully read the terms and user reviews. In Moscow and other cities, the Internet provider Akado is gaining increasing popularity.

Login to your Akado Telecom Personal Account

Rate and service management is available to every Akado customer. You can contact the operator directly, connect SMS service management or use remote control via the Internet. Logging into your Akado Telecom personal account has become even easier:

  • As a login, you can use your mobile number or email address that you specified when connecting to services. When logging in, you can also use the connection agreement number.
  • The “Remember Me” function in the browser will allow you to save your account settings and not have to enter data every time you log in.
  • If you have forgotten or lost your password, it is easy to recover it using your contact information: SMS to your phone or letter to your email.

Digital TV – we choose it ourselves!

Another popular offer from AKADO is digital television. This is a completely new stage in the development of TV, when high technologies “work” and the viewer gets the opportunity to receive a large amount of information that is most useful for him, while spending much less money.

Digital TV provides excellent image quality, not only increases the capacity of transmission channels, but also allows you to add a large number of useful components - subtitles, audio tracks. In addition, with digital television broadcasting, it is possible to effectively conduct a variety of social surveys and voting on various issues, that is, to involve the viewer and ensure the interactivity of the process.

By connecting AKADO TV , the user gets an excellent opportunity to watch thousands of different programs, topical programs and news, without the need to install a dish.

Another advantage of AKADO digital television is the availability of basic thematic packages. You determine what you need and what attracts you, and always enjoy watching TV. As a rule, there are a lot of programs in standard offers from satellite TV, but in reality it turns out that the consumer does not know what to watch. Here the situation is exactly the opposite - choose the package you like, connect and that’s it! Also, don't forget that paid channels have virtually no annoying commercials, so you can enjoy watching your favorite movie or sports match without any interruptions.

Connecting such television, as well as the Internet, is very simple: you only need one television cable, and specialists will do the rest.

Access to the user's personal account

The functions of your personal account are not limited to simple monitoring of a multi-service connection. The client receives maximum control over the quantity and quality of services provided. The range of possibilities includes:

  • access to the user's personal account;
  • management of tariff plans;
  • connecting new services;
  • blocking unused services;
  • details of payments for Akado services;
  • changing your contact information (important for the SMS profile management function and password recovery if necessary);
  • complete information about all promotions and new services of the company;
  • quick access to technical support.

Access to the statistics server for Internet access services

Akado Telecom develops individual telecommunications solutions for legal entities. The specifics of the organization's activities (manufacturing or shopping and entertainment centers, offices or financial structures, government agencies or private structures, etc.) is reflected in the quantity and focus of services. A special connection monitoring program has also been developed for legal entities:

  • Access to your personal account will allow you to study detailed information regarding the number of Akado services and check mutual settlements between organizations.
  • Access to the statistics server for Internet access services will allow you to monitor the volume of Internet traffic consumed by your enterprise. The database is updated every hour.
  • The additional services management server will allow you to control special functions (hosting, mail server, etc.).

Additional TV packages from Akado

Akado offers additional packages, each of which can be connected to one of five basic ones.

Additional TV packages from Akado

The list is in the table below.

Package nameDescriptionNumber of channelsCost per month
1. AMEDIA PremiumLicensed series and films, TV shows7 channels299 rub.
2. VIPPremieres of Russian and Western films, history, sports and nature11 channels299 rub.
3. Match! Football! News broadcasts, live broadcasts and replays of football events6 channels380 rub.
4. Movie mood!Movie hits, film premieres, family and men's films5 channels
5. Shant Premium HDChannel in Armenian1 channel240 rub.
6. Spur sportsNHL, figure skating, athletics and weightlifting, sports matches in HD quality7 channels200 rub.
7. MTV EuropeMusic selection – music for every taste6 channels99 rub.
8. FootballA channel entirely dedicated to football1 channel30 rub.
9. BoxingA channel entirely dedicated to boxing1 channel30 rub.
10. SelfishSelection for male audience2 channels150 rub.
11. NightCinematic erotica – films produced in Asia, Europe and Russia4 channels150 rub.
12. TV Stars mini SPIKEAdvantageous offer for TV Star mini - addition to the basic package40 channels180 rub.
13. Blue HusterBritish late-night adult television channel1 channel100 rub.
14. Match! Premier Only premieres of sporting events2 channels219 rub.

AKADO Telecom account status

Control over the debiting of funds from a personal account is extremely important for every client. Even if you make an advance payment for several months in advance (this is also possible - the invoices will show “advance”, and repayment will be required only when the entire balance from the account has been spent), it is important to occasionally check whether there is money on the balance. You can easily check your AKADO Telecom account status via your personal account:

  • You can view your account balance as of the current date;
  • You see your payment history;
  • You can track expense statistics for a specific period, including creating payment details.

Registration in LC "AKADO Telecom"

Creating a personal account in Akado is quite simple. We go to the official website of the company In the upper right corner there is the “Personal Account” icon, click on it and go to the authorization field. In the “login” window, you can indicate the subscriber agreement number (consists of 8 digits), your mobile number (ten digits) or email address. You will receive the first password from the site - to the contact phone number or mailbox specified in the agreement with the company. Done – registration in LC “AKADO Telecom” is completed. After logging in, you can immediately change your password to your own. If you are going to change your email address or mobile number, it is advisable to make adjustments to the “Personal Information” section in your personal account so that the company always has up-to-date contact information.

Personal account for an individual "AKADO Telecom"

Individuals and commercial organizations in most cases use different packages of services, therefore the functionality of the personal account may vary slightly. An intuitive menu will not allow you to get confused - site navigation is simple and clear. A personal account for an individual "AKADO Telecom" includes:

  • profile information (contact details, password change);
  • account status and list of used and potentially possible services;
  • tariff plan settings;
  • company promotions and offers;
  • possibility of online payment;
  • website help and feedback from customer service.

Even if you are confused about the management or cannot figure out the tariffs, you can contact the customer service for help at any time of the day.

AKADO Connections Department

You have a unique opportunity to connect the optimal tariff, which will provide you with high-speed unlimited Internet. Excellent price-quality ratio from the AKADO provider.

AKADO tariffSpeed, Mbit/sSubscription fee, rub/month

(Wi-Fi is included in the tariff)


(Wi-Fi is included in the tariff)


Use a wireless Wi-Fi connection in your apartment in combination with favorable tariffs from AKADO to connect to high-speed unlimited Internet. Feel the comfort of freedom of movement.

AKADO tariffSpeed, Mbit/sSubscription fee, rub/month

(Wi-Fi is included in the tariff)


Choose the optimal package of your favorite television programs on digital TV and the AKADO Internet.

AKADO tariffWhat's includedSubscription fee, rub/month
SUPER TV Internet 100 Mbit/s

102 digital channels

Wi-Fi router

MEGA TV Internet 200 Mbit/s

102 digital channels

Wi-Fi router


Sign up for convenient AKADO tariffs. Take advantage of favorable Internet connection conditions. Call!

How to change the tariff in your AKADO Telecom personal account

The capabilities of your personal account are not limited to simple monitoring of connected services - you can regulate tariffs and services yourself. If you don’t know how to change the tariff in the AKADO Telecom LC, just go to the “services” section. The site will show you the entire list of the company’s services (menu on the left) and all current programs (main field). To change the settings of a service, you just need to enter its menu (select from the left column). If you find it difficult to understand the controls, you can contact the operator from the service center at any time, and an employee will explain to you step by step the necessary steps to change the tariff plan.

What does the Internet provider "Akado" offer and Internet transmission technologies

How to check Internet speed from Akado: sites and programs for checking
the Internet “Akado” has a fairly extensive list of advantages, which explains its rapid growth and development. Akado positions itself as a company that provides each user with quality services at reasonable prices. High connection speed is ensured by using EuroDOCSIS 3.0 technology. This makes it possible to connect the Internet in apartments using a television antenna (cable). For an additional fee, the provider offers connection to telephony and digital TV.

Managing services through your personal account

The personal account provides subscribers with a simple and convenient opportunity to manage services. To do this, you need to open the “Services” tab. It contains all the necessary information about both the types of services received, including currently valid tariffs, and those services that have not yet been connected. If the client wishes, he can send a request for their connection directly to the personal account.

What are the advantages of connecting to an Akado home internet plan?

The advantages of the Internet from Akado are high-speed Internet, high-quality telephony and more than 200 television channels at an inexpensive price and the ability to connect in all areas of Moscow.

  • Complex tariffs are always cheaper and more profitable than services ordered separately.
  • High Internet speed - up to 150 Mbit/s
  • Reliability and stability of the connection.
  • Convenient connection of three services over one cable.
  • Flexible tariffs with the ability to find a perfectly balanced option.
  • Many TV channels and themed packages.
  • Possibility to purchase equipment in installments.

Technical support through your Akado personal account

Your personal account provides convenient functionality for interacting with Akado support service. The corresponding menu tab contains instructions for setting up the equipment used, as well as all contracts and other similar documents of interest to the client. The most frequently received questions from the support service are collected in the “Questions and Answers” ​​subsection. If the subscriber does not find the answer to his question, by selecting the “Create request” menu item, he can easily address the problem directly to the technical support service.

Differences between the updated version of the office and the old one

The main difference between the new version of Akado LC and the previous one is its focus on owners of the corresponding mobile applications. As a result, the program interface has become much simpler and more convenient. Among the main differences regarding the provided functions are the following:

  • providing more complete financial information;
  • simpler and more convenient password recovery function;
  • a new form for submitting a request to the technical support service, etc.;
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